Les Jardins d'Hélianthe

On a 5000 square meters plot of ground, in a wonderful garden of exotic and frail plants, we propose two three stars accomodations avaluable all along the year.

The first one, half ground floor of a house built in 1904, is hiden behind 50 years old camelias and rhododendrons, under the shade of lime trees, but very close to the pool.

You can enjoy your private garden and a straight way to the pool where two rooms welcome young or adventurers, to take advantage of an uncommon situation.


The second one entirely closed, allows you to enjoy the pool and ponds but for safety reasons, youngest can't go without their parents…
In a delicious blossoming small garden, a ground floor house old fashion but entirely renewed let children and adults to take advantage of all the charms of the place.

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